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After being the Executive Director of a Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) as well as a national trainer and consultant for other PRC executives who are attempting to add a medical component to their organizations I have been honored to work with some of the most committed and passionate people I have ever met. In the process of both running a medical PRC and helping others to develop and operate their medical PRCs it occurred to me that there are certain questions all of us PRC Executives need to have answered. Questions like:
-How can we get more abortion-minded women to call our center?
-How can we get more abortion-minded women who call to schedule an appointment?
-How can we get more of those who schedule an appointment to show?
-How can we get more of the women we see to have their babies?
-How can I as an executive get more control over the organization and out of the daily grind of wondering just how effective our counseling methods really are and know for sure?
These questions are linked to each other and often if you answer one you solve another. The good news is that the answers to these questions are available. Even better than that many center executives are experiencing the freedom and comfort that comes with knowing that their organization is accomplishing the mission of reaching and effectively serving women at risk for abortion better than they ever dreamed they could . . . right now. This blog exists to address these questions. It is my hope that this blog will help propel you as an executive as well as the organization which you lead to a higher level of effectiveness than you ever let yourself believe was possible.

James R. Harden, M.Div is the President of CompassCare, developer of the first repeatable medical Linear Service Model Pregnancy Center in challenging New York State. This LSM called the Optimization Tool has been successfully transferred to 10 centers in 8 States. He is a national trainer and executive consultant in the non-profit sector.   His passion is in the specialty field of medical Pregnancy Resource Centers. The Optimization Tool (OT) is an entire Pregnancy Center patient service system using everything from patient marketing to the exact patient care steps needed to acquire and effectively serve that high risk abortion-minded woman consistently.

Jim lives in the Rochester, NY area with his wife Linda and seven children.  He has been the President of CompassCare Pregnancy Services since 2001.

See Jim’s LinkedIn Profile by clicking HERE.

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