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Executive Becky Wood Talks About How the Linear Service Process Helps

Executive Becky Wood of ABC Women’s Clinic in Dublin, GA talks about how CompassCare’s linear servcie process call the Optimization Tool has helped their organization to serve more women seriously considering abortion more effectively.

Should we add STD testing to our services?

Many executives wonder weather or not STD testing is right for their organization.  It seems overwhelming and a long way off.  What if it was possible to add STD testing selectively and build it over time?  To read more download the following white paper:  Selective STD Testing

Why wait to perfrom an ultrasound scan until after 6 weeks LMP?

Many pregnancy center executives wonder what the standard of care is to perform an ultrasound scan on women who are thinking about terminating their pregnancy.  The basic question to ask is, “what is the purpose of an ultrasound scan in the context of abortion?”  The basic purpose of an ultrasound scan is to do two things; 1) confirm fetal viability (is there a viable pregnancy?), and 2) determine gestational age (how far along is the pregnancy?).  In light of that fact the medical standard of care would be to ascertain as much information as possible with whatever tools are available at the time when the patient is seen.  What this means is that if a patient presents with a positive pregnancy test the medical standard of care (including at the abortion provider’s office) would be to do an ultrasound scan irrespective of the woman’s Last Menstrual Period (LMP).  To read further about this download the following White Paper:  How early should we do an Ultrasound scan?

What abortion-minded patients say about linear service model

Many Executives I know have wondered at how patients respond to a new paradigm of service.  At CompassCare we like to describe the service model we use as “linear” as opposed to a more traditional “global” model.  A linear model takes a patient very intentionally through a pre-defined step by step service process.  A global services model on the other hand uses a menu board of services from which a client/patient can choose and those services are delivered in different ways with each client/patient.