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Does the Bible Say When Human Life Begins?

I was asked this question just recently when a small group leader in an otherwise pro-life church stated that she thought abortion is not wrong according to the Bible. Her basic rationale for her position was that human life did not begin until a person took their first breath. She supported her theory with Genesis 2:7 when God created Adam and ‘breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.’ This idea taken as a principle applied to the beginning of each human life breaks down immediately with Adam’s progeny. This is so given the obvious fact that this section of scripture describes the fountainhead of the chain of all human life. No human person springs from the dust of the ground anymore as Adam did but from Adam’s successive generations. Even scripture itself attests to this, God having given Adam the pro-creative mandate thereafter to ‘be fruitful and multiply.’ Life begets life of which God is the prime mover.

But beyond that, we as persons can know God’s truth about when human life begins in two ways: through 1) natural revelation (in the created order around us) and 2) special revelation (scripture). In nature we see that the issue of when human life begins is not disputed thanks to the study of embryology and genetics. Human life, like all life, begins when a separate and distinct DNA strand comes into existence. That point in time, post-Adam, is called ‘fertilization.’ A person’s DNA is what governs the entire growth and maturation process from that point until death. The only thing required for that entity to exist from that moment on is a hospitable environment along with hydration and nutrition. That being the case the only material difference between a fertilized egg, me, you, or a 90 year old man on his death bed is…time.

But, if we reject the obvious natural revelation understood in the created order around us, the question then becomes, “At what point in the maturation process does a human dnabecome a person whose rights must be protected?” If the answer is, “Sometime after fertilization,” then it begs another question, “Who determines the criteria for deciding who qualifies as a human?” Up until 1973 Americans left that criteria to God and let the womb be the sacrosanct place of protection it was designed to be. The Supreme Court Of The United States decided to become that small group of people who arbitrarily decided that a pre-born baby is not a person deserving of protection under the constitution in the case Roe vs Wade. Politically, when one man or small group of men decide who is a person and who is not the context is usually slavery and tyranny. And our Supreme Court is no stranger to playing at God reducing whole classes of people to either non-human or sub-human levels (American Indians, Blacks, and the mentally ‘unfit’ to name three others). Even if natural revelation supported the ironic concept that a life with human DNA maturing in the reproductive organ of another human female is not a person made in the image of God deserving of our protection, it should a least be unconscionable and fearful to permit a government agency to define who does and does not qualify as a person with their arbitrary and short-sighted agenda. It presumes that that government body is the final moral authority who perceives all people as subjects to be managed and disposed of at their whim. Who in their right mind would consent to live under such a despot?

bible-1415262-sAnyway, taking a look at special revelation (scripture) all we really need to do is understand God’s perspective on children generally and see if there is any place in scripture where children in womb are afforded protection. Luckily there are several places that do just that. They are Leviticus 20:1-5, Exodus 21: 22-25, and Mark 10:13-16.

The Old Testament teaches us the heart of God. It prepares the community for the Holy Spirit by creating behavior patterns that reflect and reinforce the character and nature of God in the way we treat one another. Leviticus 20:1-5 reveals a situation where people both Jews and non-Jews were sacrificing their children to a demonic god called Molech. This was radically forbidden. In fact, if someone was caught doing it they and their whole family were to be stoned and essentially forgotten by God (which is a way of saying that it were better if they had never been born). But it goes on. This is the only point of law whereby moral culpability was transferred to someone else if they simply knew about the sin and did nothing to stop it. This means that if someone just knew of a person who sacrificed their child to Molech and did nothing to stop it they and their family would suffer the same judgment as if they had killed the child themselves. What does this passage say about God’s heart on the value of each child and every person’s responsibility to protect children?

Okay. So what about pre-born children? Exodus 21:22-25 is a very compelling look into God’s perspective on children in the womb. If two men are fighting and one ACCIDENTALLY hits a pregnant woman and she miscarries then the law requires as penalty ‘life for a life.’ Bottom-line, the class of person in the womb are afforded more protection under the law than any other class of person out of the womb. So God’s perspective on pre-born children is clear: unquestioned protection without gestational age qualification, (SCOTUS take note).

“Yes,” you might say, ‘that is what the Old Testament says. But what did Jesus say?” Good question. Since Jesus is God in the flesh and God is the same ‘yesterday, today and

Take Up Your Crossforever’ it stands to reason that His perspective would only serve to reinforce the Old Testament concepts. So what does Jesus say about children and how we are to treat them? In Mark 10 the disciples are rebuking parents for bringing their infant children to Jesus to be blessed. Interestingly this is the only place in all of the gospels where Jesus is angry with all twelve disciples and commands them (in the Aorist tense, meaning starting now and continuing on indefinitely), “Permit the children to come to me; do not hinder them.” So in this context we see God in the flesh stopping whatever he is doing to publicly rebuke his own disciples in anger (as if they should know better) and it is all about infants (as we see in the parallel passage in Luke). Why? Jesus said in the same verse, “For the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” So essentially the reason why Jesus was so upset with them was because they were missing the whole point of discipleship, salvation and all of redemption history as recorded in the Old Testament. What is it about children, and especially infant children that we must understand in order to participate in the kingdom of God? What is that we must understand about children that is central to our understanding of salvation itself?

As sinful people we have no voice, no standing, no rights, no power, no influence, no resources whatsoever, to stand before a holy and righteous God. We needed someone with those things to take up our cause and redeem our circumstances lest we die. The only person that could stand before our Father God with enough power and resources to pay the penalty was God the Son, Jesus Christ. He emptied himself and took up our cause to redeem us because we were powerless to do anything for ourselves, like babies, we didn’t even know how powerless and in need we were. He emptied Himself by becoming sin and nailing to the cross, killing it along with its consequence, death. The natural outcome of Christ’s victory over sin was the resurrection, the sign that the effect of sin, death, had also been washed away.

And now Jesus obligates all His disciples to leverage their new found power, voice, and resources before God on behalf of those that have none. We must become little redeemers, little ‘christs’ walking in His footsteps. This refers to both non-believers but also to actual classes of people, the widow and orphan spoken of in James chapter 1. That class of person without voice, standing and resources are the people for whom we must leverage our resources the most. And the only class of person in America right now who have no rights, power, influence, or voice is the pre-born child.

One last verse to leave you with is Mark 9: 36-37: “Taking a child, He set him before them, and taking him in His arms, He said to them, ‘Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but Him who sent me.’” Jesus, God in the flesh, did not split hairs on when life began like modern society loves to do. To qualify what He or the rest of the Bible means so that we can justify the unreasonable and systematic carelessness that is abortion only reflects the old hard-hearted sinner from which Christ came to save us. Let the little children come.

Death by Freedom and the Presidential Elections

What is freedom? It has been America’s clarion call to the globe. But within our modern notion of freedom lie sprouting the seeds of its own destruction—the temptation to construe liberty as license.

America peers longingly after fleeting dreams of freedom, wondering if someone, a politician maybe, will recapture its famed beauty. What is it about the Presidential elections that get 59 million people to watch debates that in previous elections only drew a fraction of that? Perhaps a lament of what once was, what we may yet realize again. . . a man to lead us back, to take up the arduous labor that is liberty’s duty. Is Obama America’s Cyrus to march us through the challenges facing democracy or is Romney our long awaited Cromwell who will restore the consent of the governed to its rightful place? Can any political leader, no matter how great, lead us back to America’s birthright, away from the horrifying similarities of the conservative individual, permissive liberal and cloistered libertarian?

America’s modern notion of freedom is simply license, the absence of restraint—to do what I want, when I want.

Whatever America’s freedom was we are now confronted on all sides with the crisis that living a fictitious freedom has created. And no elected official can save us from ourselves. This license has leached into education through secularization and deviant sex education, ‘freeing’ children with the idea that they are nothing more than animals and should act like it. It has coerced church leaders to sit in a passive corner of society, falsely threatening their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status lest they freely teach, rebuke and exhort a godless culture to repent. It has poured itself into politics pandering new legislation to the rich and powerful, releasing a new and unnatural morality, even going as far as to dehumanize babies in the womb so that their inconvenient lives can be destroyed. This license has marched its way into medicine with its perverted notion of absolute patient autonomy (a.k.a. free choice) ignoring all other key medical concepts such as ‘do no harm.’ This feigned freedom has seeped its way into the economy in both the acidity of conservative individualism as well as bloated liberalism’s abuse of centralized government, redefining traditional social relationships between a husband and wife, a parent and child, a doctor and patient, and a teacher and student.

The only way this weedy notion of freedom could have taken root is for most Americans to collectively embrace the same belief: Pluralism. Pluralism is the idea that any belief or set of beliefs held by anyone is just as valid as any other belief. This changes liberty’s meaning to—living a good life however I define it. This type of ‘freedom’ is chaos. If this freedom is not stopped then more people will die. They will not die for freedom, as an unalienable part of humanity but by the hand of those who wield it, invoking the eerie words, “It’s my right,” or “It’s for the good of the people.”

To put it another way, true liberty requires the death of fictional freedom because true liberty requires self-effacement; a kind of self-discipline born out of a belief in a higher authority to which we all must submit. This is a denial of the way freedom is currently defined. Modern freedom cannot coexist with true liberty. If we fail to revive liberty with a shared belief in Jesus Christ, which acknowledges the depravity of natural human license, then we will find ourselves all too soon in the fiery chasm of tyranny, the unavoidable result of our pluralism.

Liberty is the ability of a man to realize God’s ultimate good purpose for him without external constraint and the ability of society to provide a place where good men can flourish together. If humanity is made in the image and likeness of God then thinking and acting in ways that are consistent with His character is the ultimate good for a man. Sin is basically selfish license, which enslaves and hinders us from that good end. The cross of Christ liberates us from that fictional freedom, giving us self-restraint as a tool on our journey to Christ-like liberty.

Liberty then could be defined as freedom from the debasing, dehumanizing, animalistic instincts of the ‘whatever-I-want-or-believe’ mentality. Christ frees us from the chaos of selfish pluralism which is a cancer to all free civilization. And where pluralism runs rampant in law, education, politics, ministry, and medicine it tramples the humanity of the voiceless, powerless, and disenfranchised—like babies in the womb. Then those stalwarts of true liberty will stand between them and that deadly pluralism as did Jesus on behalf of sinners. For it is the duty of all men who call themselves faithful disciples, to freely sacrifice their lives and good fortune on behalf of those who will otherwise die without a redeemer.

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The One Thing a U.S. President Can’t Do

During a routine physical exam a man walks into his doctor’s office and says, “I am 50 years old and I’m getting eight hours of rest every night. My blood pressure is 120/80. I am trim

How does a healthy society look?

and energetic and I have a generally good outlook on life.” Horrified the doctor responds, “Start burning the candle at both ends, increase your sodium intake, decrease your level of exercise, and start watching the daily news.” “What?! But that kind of lifestyle does not sound like it will keep me healthy,” responds the perplexed patient. “Healthy? Who are you to define what health is?” demands the physician.

Ridiculous scenario, right? But this is exactly the kind of insanity that has been playing out in American society over the last several decades and now coming to a head with the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as well as the recent presidential election cycle.

Happily all doctors and patients can agree what physical health looks like and what sickness means for an individual. But we are divided on how a healthy society behaves and cannot agree about how a sick society looks. Interestingly the debates around repealing the PPACA are all nibbling at the edges of this important question of where the good of society meets the good of the individual.

As you know the U.S. Federal government has usurped control of the medical sector through the PPACA, swamping society with thousands of pages of legislation filled with vagary most legislators never bothered to read. Fear not, we will all continue to hear many more words about the PPACA as this election cycle winds up. But will they be the ‘right words,’ born from the right ideas? The passage of the PPACA occurred because legislators thought something was terribly wrong with, at least, the medical portion of society.  In passing the law they mistakenly presumed that everyone understood and agreed on a common view of how a good society should look, without ever clarifying their vision.

There was a time when most Americans had the same idea of how a good society should look and what a good man was within that society. And politics was simple, a matter of serving the shared sense of the greater good. Now to serve the greater good means appeasing the richest, most powerful constituency able to get you reelected. If that means redefining marriage to include homosexuals, so be it. If it means ignoring the infanticide that is abortion, then that’s just fine. What’s worse about this state of affairs is that, for example, the debate about abortion can never be resolved because the reasons people have for being either pro-life or pro-abortion are usually based on emotional choices without a clear and compelling rationale, drawn from a shared conception of the purpose of a human and the common good of society. All we have are appeals to emotion like, “It’s a woman’s body,” or “Thank God your mother was pro-life,” ad nauseam. So we have unresolvable concerns expressed only in protest and counter-protest constantly trying to reveal the obvious evil ploys of the opponent. We have conventions complete with the unceasing emotional banter cloaked in logical terms spoken by the elitist ruling bureaucrats in suits with the compulsory, yet somehow patriotic, red or blue tie. And the bemused and bewitched watch from their recliners as the flickering box sparkles in their wide eyes and exclaim, “Oh, how exciting! We’ve had enough! Yes, we can!” Yet for many, a harvest moon is beginning to dawn revealing the haunting reality that government does not have the power to restore society to health.

America, like government and now medicine, is close to losing her soul. We must return and remember what a good society is. We must resurrect a common understanding that the ultimate purpose of a human is to glorify God by living a life consistent with His character. Society must be reborn into an ancient way of thinking, finding meaning in the context of belief through the authority of the Judeo-Christian God.

CompassCare resists the advancement of this modern pluralistic insanity by holding to the truth that women and their pre-born children have a purpose in the Divine Will. Our place is to facilitate the vision of that purpose. Together we renew hope and desire for men and women to learn and embrace healthy ways of viewing children and parenthood amidst the materialistic fog and social darkness that isolates the individual, knowing that good community is only born out of the common everyday lives of godly people.

If you would like be involved through: 1) prayer contact CompassCare’s administrative office at 585-232-3894, 2) volunteer activities email, or 3) investment opportunities donate online.

War is Declared Upon Religious Liberty–Abortion Is Front and Center

Patient call volumes are up 55% year to date over last year! The number of abortion-minded women served is up 77%! The number of babies saved is up 73%! And the number of women praying to receive Jesus Christ as their savior is a whopping 21%!

The battle tide for souls seems to be turning in Rochester. Please continue to pray with us, to serve with us, to consider giving sacrificially with us to the mission of erasing the need for abortion.

Meanwhile the enemy’s attention appears to be focused on national measures to destroy the ability for you and me to believe and act on our conviction that all human life must be protected. The recent toilet bowl swirl of State and Federal legislation reveals either how desperate the devil is or how powerful the morning star is when lifted up in the hearts of God’s people. Maybe both.

Making morality a private matter and defining liberty as right to do whatever ‘I’ want, reduces humanity to the level of animals. New York State’s legalization of “gay marriage” represents this privatization of morality, dehumanizing mankind, and in so doing setting up the State as the ultimate authority for moral behavior, and not God. If humanity is not made in the image of God then man’s purpose and value is at best reduced if not made meaningless. Once that happens then no one can say what type of behavior is good or evil because those things require a shared belief about the nature and purpose of man. It is the accomplishment or detraction from that ultimate purpose which alone defines which behaviors or attitudes are good or bad, virtues or vices. A virtue helps one along the road to ultimate purpose while a vice hinders or harms one from attaining it. And so society, as an act of legislation, has officially untethered from the dock of virtue.

This kind of activity whether it is activist legislation or the silence of the penitent also serves to undermine the only true and basic unit of society – the traditional family. The institution of family as ordained by God at creation with Adam (one man) and Eve (one woman) is the only way to bestow upon the next generation an understanding of ultimate purpose, reflecting the glory of God. The family is also the only place where children can receive the training required to value the actions necessary to accomplish their purpose and purvey a peaceful civilization without government regulation. Without God and traditional family, society can only deteriorate into pleasure seeking strangers diving headlong into despotism, not unlike Sodom and Gomorrah.

Fast forward a few months and the Supreme Court of the United States ruled as constitutional the ‘Affordable Care Act’ based on the government’s power to tax, making the ‘Affordable Care Act’ an oxymoron. The act is a declaration of war by the Federal government on religious belief, particularly Christian religious belief. The way they have done this was by presuming to define what a religious institution is, as well as defining the limits of appropriate religious belief.  In essence this means that the government just set itself up as the ultimate authority over all religion and belief in God, ignoring religious liberty and the right for individual conscience to express that liberty. And all this was done under the specious guise of the ‘will of the people.’ What was the mechanism for this declaration of war on religion? The act forces all insurance plans, institutions, and therefore all people to fund sterilization, abortion, and abortion-causing birth control even against their deeply held religious or moral convictions. That’s right. Once again abortion is at the heart of medical, legislative, religious, and economic turmoil.

America is in a bad way. To say otherwise just isn’t so. America’s philosophy of government officially changed on June 28th, 2012 from that of ‘government by the consent of the governed’ to ‘State over the individual’ with the Supreme Court’s ruling. Were it not for the fact that America is the context for CompassCare’s lifesaving efforts, its civil condition would be of little consequence. However very shortly CompassCare, an organization full of donors, staff, and volunteers just like you whose mission is to ‘erase the need for abortion’ will be forced to have to pay for them or suffer dire consequences. I shudder to think what else the government will require of us after taking over the distribution of healthcare.

Paul says to the Corinthian believers in 2 Corinthians 6: “And working together with Him, we also urge you not to receive the grace of God in vain— for He says, “AT the acceptable time I listened to you, And on the day of salvation I helped you.” Behold, now is “the acceptable time,” behold, now is “the day of salvation”— Christian arise! Pray, vote, serve, give while we still can.

Speech Transcript: Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally

Many have asked for the transcript of my speech today. What was said is as follows:

Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally Speech

Given by Rev. James R. Harden, M.Div


What I am about to say here has been largely lost in the noisy forgetfulness of American politics. Truths born of religion that those in power need the masses to forget. But we are here to remember those truths and recognize our need to recall what has been deemed unpractical by who stand to lose power because of the freedom they engender.

A new religious fanaticism has been born and it is American State government.

-Obamacare compels all Americans to purchase health care

-Obamacare forces all health care plans to pay for sterilization, contraception, and abortion

-Obamacare permits only limited opt out parameters for religious institutions

-Obamacare defines what qualifies as a religious institution

-Obamacare presumes to determine what is applicable religious belief for individuals setting up the State as the final authority in all matters of society both religious and civil.

-Obamacare, if ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, will signal a fundamental shift in the philosophy of American Government from that of government by the consent of the governed to State over the individual.

G.K. Chesterton said, “Government has become ungovernable; that is, it cannot leave off governing. Law has become lawless; that is it cannot see where laws should stop. The chief feature of our time is the meekness of the mob and the madness of government.”

However, this rally is not about abortion or contraception or even government. This rally is about the future of modern western civilization. What we choose to do here in our time will determine whether a free democratic nation will revive or diminish into a democratic despotism.

Religion is the term used to define ultimate authority. Traditionally religion is the term we use to define those fundamental ideas that provide people with ultimate purpose. Those ideas force the human soul out of its habits of pleasure seeking to think of a higher purpose outside of himself, aspiring to a higher being whose nature and laws apply to all mankind–equally. These notions of God and how then one should act in light of Him create a context for self-discipline, voluntary self-denial and even sacrifice for a greater good not owing to an all powerful human being, or set of human beings called a legislature, not even owing to an all powerful notion of “the majority.”

What has happened in America is that the traditional notion of spiritual religion has been tacitly rejected by government, education, and medicine and replaced with a material one, a religion of the State. This new religion has priests they call scientists and a prophet they call the will of the people. The false notion of the separation of the sacred Church and secular State can only serve to create an official Church of State.  This process of creating a religion out of a scientific materialism is buoyed by modern democracy’s singular devotion to that final radical equality of every man’s morality. For when all men are their own moral authority virtue dies and everyone simply does what is ‘right in his own eyes.’ An exponential increase in lawless then occurs to which government responds with more laws and ever tightening control; all to the hearty applause of an apathetic, comfort seeking people who in the end experience only an orderly and peaceful brand of slavery.

Only a common and higher belief regarding the nature and purpose of mankind made in the very image of God can afford us a set of moral imperatives driving the virtuous behavior and actions of men and society. It is only that commonly held religious belief in God that creates those necessary and invisible protections afforded every person, for which all men are responsible to secure for each other; life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Centralized government is not only ill-equipped to secure those things but finds its survival requires their severe limitation.

What Obamacare represents is a centralized government attempting to secure for itself power and ownership over all peoples. Obamacare represents a usurpation of the role of God under the guise of a father-like benefactor for all the State’s children. Obamacare and the HHS mandates represent the last act of a sovereign people yielding to administrative despotism.

We have every reason to believe that the Supreme Court will rule it unconstitutional. But be warned we have only a little more time. Lest you be tempted to think the issue is partisan let me assure you the Republicans have not a better plan only a slower one on the road to an American servile State controlled by either rich conservatives or  insane progressives.

What is needed is a return to the Christianity of our forefathers lest we mirror the tactics of Mao Tse Tung. What is required is a reawakening of the old religion of our great, great, grandparents lest we cease our struggle with Stalinism. What is absolutely essential is a revival of faith born at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ the emancipator; a renewal of life informed by the Word of truth who alone can set us free from the sin which so easily entangles us. Set free to pursue our true destinies.

Without this reorientation to a vigorous theology our anthropology can be nothing higher than a pleasure seeking, pain reducing, animalistic utility. Without this return to true religion healers become killers, legislators become tyrants, educators become purveyors of sexual perversions, churches become cults of personality, women become men, men become predators, marriage is redefined, whole classes of people are dehumanized, and children become agents of parental self-actualization. Meanwhile the whole nation is kept in perpetual childhood by an omnipotent and omnipresent State preventing the birth of the future hindering, restraining, and stultifying all industry, all innovation. And family, where the core values of religious belief are nourished to secure a free and stable society, is sacrificed on the altar of the secular State.

So let us be clear, true religion requires the following basic beliefs:

1 All of humanity has fallen into the darkness of sin,

2 Without Divine intervention we tend only toward greater inhumanity.

3 Jesus Christ is that divine intervention becoming sin on our behalf nailing it to the cross of wrath of God’s judgment

4 Jesus rose from the dead having defeated sin and death opening the door of eternal life to those of faith

5 Those who acknowledge their sin and turn from their wickedness making Christ their King can become the very righteousness of God and live truly free, freely protecting others from every sort of tyranny.

Believers in Jesus Christ alone understand freedom and free society submitting first to God and not government while he who is faithless is fated to its chains. Believers alone are the ones who will always seek to secure the protection and dignity of all people from conception to natural death especially the most vulnerable of society. For it is the true Christian who uniquely understands moral bankruptcy, vulnerability, voicelessness, powerlessness, and weakness to which many classes of humans are subjected under this gentle barbarism. For a true Christian recognized his lack of standing and rights as a sinner before a just and holy God. This God also is the One who sent His Son pouring out his riches and rights on our behalf thereby empowering us to do the same for others. Only the Christian and Christian society can make the weak strong and the poor rich by democratizing the royalty of Deity to the soul of any man who would accept it.

Let us recall Chesterton’s words, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” So be courageous, Christian, and defy the young tyrannies giving up our lives that we might find them, taking up our cross, dying to ourselves and overcoming this dewy despotism through faith in the one true God. As Jesus says in Mark 8:35 “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.”


Religious Freedom and Abortion

Why would the leader of a pregnancy center agree to speak at a rally for religious freedom? Not simply because he is religious in the traditional sense of the word referring to orthodox Christian belief. It is because belief in a knowable external God provides the basis for understanding the ultimate nature and purpose of man. And it is the fact that man is made in the image of God that we derive an understanding of how men should treat one another. Without a commonly held set of beliefs about the higher purpose of humanity we can have no commonly held set of ideals or virtues that would be considered helpful to a man or all of mankind in fulfilling that ultimate purpose. Wisdom, temperance, justice, and courage are all descriptions of behavior patterns that if employed consistently will help both a man and his fellow man attain that higher level of humanity, reflecting ever more closely the character of God Himself.

What happens if a nation replaces traditional spiritual religion with, say, a material one? Mankind’s purpose could not rise above the level of random, complex biochemical reactions. Once materialism takes root a sense of meaninglessness infects the general public. And what if that general public was living within a governmental structure that valued individual rights and equality above all else? Every man’s belief about what is right and wrong would grow inward like a bad toenail as he would begin to forget everyone else but himself swimming in a sea of putrid physical pleasure (since the physical material world is all there is). Materialism’s formula for attaining the highest good for a man is maximizing pleasure and minimizing pain. And as Tocqueville prophesied in 1833 in Democracy in America, “I see an innumerable multitude of men, alike and equal, constantly circling around in pursuit of the petty and banal pleasures with which they glut their souls. Each one withdrawn into himself, is almost unaware of the fate of the rest. . . . Over this kind of men stands an immense, protective power which is alone responsible for securing their enjoyment and watching over their fate . . . . It would resemble parental authority if, father-like, it tried to prepare its charges for a man’s life, but on the contrary, it only tries to keep them in perpetual childhood. It likes to see the citizens enjoy themselves, provided that they think of nothing but enjoyment.”

It is this future that only true Christian religion can stave off. It is only true belief in the One Emancipator Jesus Christ that can permit a democratic form of government from drifting into despotism. It is belief in Christ that alone causes men to discipline themselves and manage their own affairs without destroying other men in the process. If we do not have a God who does not depend on humanity for existence but is above it and its solitary judge based on moral laws as unchanging as gravity then the mob will forever be at the mercy of the whims of rich madmen who slowly dehumanize whole segments of the population (like pre-born children), reclassify morality as personal, deconstruct the family by redefining its roles, delude children through education, demean women through feminism, and demoralize men through the opiate of pleasure and entertainment.

Why does a leader of a pregnancy center speak at a rally for religious freedom? Because to do otherwise is to reject the fundamental solution to abortion and all other social ills–a rejection of apathy and a return to Jesus Christ. Join me at noon tomorrow outside the Federal building in Rochester at the corner of State and Church streets (the irony does not escape me either).

Legal Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnancy Centers and Other Non-Profits

Many Executives and leaders of non-profits like pregnancy centers do not engage in political issues during the election season for fear of the negative impact it might have on their non-profit status. The attorney Barry Bostrom and his legal firm Bopp, Coleson, & Bostrom have put together a list of activities that we as non-profit organizations can and cannot do. Most pregnancy centers are registered as 501 (c) (3) organizations under the IRS tax code and as such have legal rights to engage in certain kinds of activities to not only protect their organizations but also to further the cause of community change for which their organization exists. To download this very helpful document click the following link:

Political Do’s and Don’ts during Election Season

Some examples of things you can and cannot do as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit pregnancy center are:

(1) Discuss the positions of political candidates on issues: Yes

(2) Endorsement of political candidates: No

(3) Financial contributions to political candidates: No

(4) In-kind Contributions to political candidates: No

(5) Independent expenditures in favor of or against political candidates: No

(6) Fundraising projects for political candidates: No

(7) Contributions to PAC’s: No

(8) Electioneering Communications regarding Federal candidates: Yes

(9) Expenditures related to state referendums: Yes

(12) Appearance of political candidate at meeting: Yes

(14) Voting records Yes

More Abortion-minded Women: Making Your Dream a Reality

An issue came up in a Pregnancy Center Leadership discussion group recently that we as executives think about all the time: “How can we reach more pregnant women truly at risk for abortion?” and its sister question, “How can we serve those women in a way that more consistently helps them have their babies?” The particular conversation centered around an executive of a Pregnancy Center in a Midwestern college town feeling like they are not reaching enough abortion-minded women compared to the number of abortions taking place there.

“What exactly leads you to conclude that you actually have a problem?” I asked. “You have made some logical assumptions but your logic is hidden to the rest of us. I am sure you have already figured this out but it would be helpful for the rest of us to get a really good handle on how you arrived at your concern and more importantly what to do about it. Would you be willing to be a little case study for us by answering the following questions for us to chew on? I believe the old adage is true: What gets measured gets fixed. Perhaps we can analyze this as a group of PRC executives in an effort to not only help you but help each other.

1. How many abortions occur in your area annually? 1000

2. How many abortion providers are in your county? 3

3. What is the primary ethnic, age and educational demographic of those women getting abortions? 18-24 Caucasian with 13 years of completed education (sophomore in college)

4. How many appointments did your organization schedule in 2009? 250

5. How many pregnancy tests were performed in 2009? 125

6. How many of those pregnancy tests were positive? 75

7. How many of those positive test patients did you consider to be ‘at risk for an abortion?’ 60

8. How many pregnant, at risk clients can you serve this year? Maybe 460

9. How many of the pregnant at risk patients received an ultrasound their fist visit? 45

10. How many of those said that they were going to continue the pregnancy at the end of their initial appointment? 38

The dream of this executive is to reach 460 pregnant women seriously considering abortion this year. Her initial impression was that all she needed to do was increase her advertising budget. Based on the information she provided if she wanted to reach all 460 women seriously considering abortion in her area using the organization’s current client trends and percentages she would need to filter through 12,000 client appoints per year!

We have found this scenario to represent the typical pregnancy center. What about your pregnancy center? This executive thought that the answer to her low client volume was more advertising. But there is a deeper issue at play. More advertising will only result in more of the same. The approach the center is taking in order to serve the right women in the right way needs  to be streamlined so they can accomplish their goal. (See Case Study of Omaha, NE Pregnancy Center) Otherwise they will be spending precious resources on women who are either not pregnant or not really at risk for abortion. The solution to this service problem lies at the philosophy of ministry that has been adopted. This pregnancy center while using an ultrasound machine is still in the old paradigm of pregnancy center ministry CompassCare coined the Global Service Model or Client-centered approach. In order for them to reach their goal of serving 460 pregnant at risk women they will need to adopt a new paradigm of ministry CompassCare coined the Linear Service Model (LSM).

For information about how to create a linear service model (LSM) to reach and effectively serve abortion-minded women go to