CompassCare Linear Service Training (LSM)

CompassCare\'s Research and Development office is located at 200 White Spruce Blvd in Rochester, NY

For more information about CompassCare’s Linear Service Model (LSM) training go to¬†

Mission: To reverse the national abortion trend by assisting medical pregnancy resource centers reach more women at risk for abortion and serve them in a way that consistently helps them have their babies.

CompassCare is unique to the PRC movement in that it both operates a local medical office using a Linear Service Model (LSM) as well as consults and trains other PRCs Nationwide using the same staff and exact same Linear service approach. The training staff are able to resonate with the daily struggles of the typical PRC because they themselves actively build and manage one of the highest performing networks of PRCs.

CompassCare operates its local medical office as a testing ground to research and develop new and more effective methods of reaching and serving women seriously considering abortion. Listen as Jim Harden, President of CompassCare, as he talks about how the movement developed and how the Linear Service Model (LSM) is a more relevant and Biblically accurate paradigm.

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