Executive Results Using CompassCare’s LSM, Optimization Tool

View what medical PRC executives just like you are saying about how implementing a Linear Service Model (LSM) for patients seriously considering abortion has made their organizations much more effective at reaching those women and helping them have their babies more consistently.

Michelle Sullivan, Training Coordinator and previous CEO of Assure Women’s Center in Omaha, NE talks about how introducing a linear service model for patients has helped to make them much more effective and focused at reaching 3X more pregnant women seriously considering abortion.

Becky Wood, Executive Director of ABC Women’s Clinic in Dublin, GA.  If you would like to talk to Becky feel free to call her at (478) 275-9455 or email her at becky@abcwomensclinic.org

Meet Mary Rutherford, long time veteran and Executive Director of a medical Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) in Lakeland, FL as she describes how implementing CompassCare’s linear patient service process has increased their abortion-minded patient load by 3 fold in less than 1 year.  If you would like to contact Mary to talk with her about her experience and the peace she says this new patient process has brought her feel free to contact her at 863-682-5763.

Meet Terry Winship, CEO of True Care Women’s Resource Center of Casper, WY, as she talks about how they are better at reaching and helping more women at high risk for abortion.  You can talk to Terry by calling (307) 473-2275.

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