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Helping Women vs Women’s Health

“Her body! Her choice!” chanted New York Governor Cuomo’s angry voice in this year’s state of the State. But is medical ‘choice’ best interpreted by politicians or by physicians?

When a woman faces unplanned pregnancy she is vulnerable and often feels so overwhelmed that she does not even know what questions to ask. All she knows is that her life has been involuntarily arrested and she believes the doctor can help her. So she says to the doctor, “Give me my freedom back. Give me an abortion.” The sentimental politician or judge who knows very little about the practice of medicine is tempted to think that it is the doctor’s compassionate job to give her the abortion in order to restore her autonomy, that the abortion is in fact her ‘right.’ But a good doctor knows that these ethical dilemmas are solved not by bad legislation but by good medicine.

Medicine is a helping profession. Like all helping professions there is a disparity of power between the helpers and those being helped. A person with a life-altering medical condition places her life in the hands of a physician because she has lost some aspect of her physical autonomy and believes medicine can help her regain it. If the patient knew how to gain back their physical freedom they would not need to go to the doctor. In the past the medical profession recognized this power disparity and ascribed to an agreed upon code of professional ethics such as the Hippocratic Oath to insulate the individual patient and the profession from an abuse of that power. Is it the doctor’s job to safe-guard a woman’s right to choose?

The Commission for Reproductive Health Service Standards (CRHSS) states; “Autonomy (freedom to choose) is the physician’s ethical obligation to facilitate the patient’s right to un-coerced choice or refusal of treatment.” Let’s examine the phrase “un-coerced choice.” In the context of unplanned pregnancy a woman often experiences socio-economic pressures to have an abortion from her parents, her boyfriend, her peers, her finances, etc. She feels trapped like she has NO CHOICE at all, unable to refuse abortion. In fact, circumstances of most unplanned pregnancies represent the very definition of coercion itself—the opposite of true ‘choice.’ Can legislation solve her problem?

What is the difference anyway?

The violence done to medicine by legislation like Cuomo’s Reproductive Health Act (RHA) should have a bone chilling effect on us all. This legislation would make abortion a fundamental right and force medical professionals to coldly treat women as a population block rather than compassionately insulating them from the coercive pressures driving them to get an abortion. Under the guise of human rights the ability of a physician to help a woman exercise true self-determination is gutted. Through the RHA women are depersonalized under the banner of ‘Women’s Reproductive Health.’ Babies are no longer deemed people at all. Depersonalizing women and dehumanizing the child casts a dark shadow over the most basic of all helping professions—medicine.  So instead of protecting and healing the weakest among us medicine is forced to exploit and destroy us even against the trained and thoughtful conscience of doctors everywhere.

It is the medical provider’s job to ensure that every woman’s decision is not undermined by coercive pressure. An ethical medical clinician understands that only when she is able to refuse an abortion, only when she is empowered to make that most difficult of all choices to have the baby, is her decision truly free. Far from empowering and protecting women, Cuomo’s abortion expansion act serves to further harm the public’s trust in the medical profession, the conscience of the medical provider, and the dignity of all patients including both the pregnant woman and the pre-born boy or girl.

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CompassCare’s Linear Service Model (the OT) Now Yours to Download

CompassCare’s OT serves two very important purposes:1) Insulates medical PRCs from external threats (like investigations and regulations) and internal risks (such as having

Linear Service Model Reduces Internal and External Risks to Your Pregnancy Center

advocates providing misinformation or RNs delivering unauthorized medical advice) by helping to insure that each patient interaction is done in a way that meets or exceeds traditional standards of medical ethics every time, 2) Creates a platform for the continuous improvement needed for a PRC to stay on the cutting edge of service in an ever-changing culture without compromising a PRCs core purpose.

Reduce Your Risk with CompassCare’s Linear Service Model

CompassCare’s Optimization Tool Provides:

-A 362 page detailed manual by department with a complete set of all needed forms and scripts

-Self-learning modules for all patient service roles (Helpline, Receptionist, Advocate, RN, Sonographer, etc.)

-Management Tools for the Executive and Core Staff including job function checklists for all roles

-Complete set of forms and scripts needed to operate all patient services including in-house service brochures

-Self-Analysis Performance Tools for each Core Staff Member

-Metrics reports

-All marketing collateral including radio, T.V., phone book, Ad Words, etc.

-Checklist to implement the total OT system

-Access to a network of content experts around the country who are doing the same life-saving work

-Access to ongoing CompassCare Research and Development, special issue White Papers, a technical OT User Forum, and much more


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Looming HHS Mandates Force You and Me to Pay For Abortion while CompassCare Has Best Year Ever

Scheduled patient appointments are up 73% year to date over last year! The number of women who arrive for their appointments is up 59%. The number of positive pregnancy tests is up 63%. The number of abortion-minded women served is up 84%! Help CompassCare continue to multiply its success!

Because of the generosity and prayers of donors and volunteers just like you CompassCare is erasing the need for abortion. Women, one at a time, are receiving the information and support they need to feel secure enough to have their babies. Now, after emerging from CompassCare’s annual strategic planning week, we are poised to take the next steps at reaching and serving even more women at risk for abortion this year.

During one of the team planning sessions last week we were celebrating with the team leaders CompassCare’s 50% increase in the number of women served who were at risk for abortion and went on to have their babies. We discussed why we were able to see such significant increases in order that we might repeat it in the coming year. The following is a list of what we concluded were important elements to CompassCare’s gains last year and will be crucial to our gains in the future: a commitment to prayer, dedication to continuous improvement, a desire to be the ‘first best source’ for women, a realistic optimism, the ability to delegate tasks and roles in a responsible way, and increased inter-team communication.

Helping More Women Have Their Babies Than Ever!

We then set for the coming year a target goal together of increasing the number of at risk women having their babies by 100% over last year. We noted that if we all hit or exceeded our target goals per team that we would easily accomplish the 100% patient increase goal on our way toward 20% of the entire market thereby putting significant financial strain on the abortion industry in Rochester.

2012 and 2013 are in many ways transition years and as such are characterized best by uncertainty. No one knows what will happen with the global economy, the U.S. economy, the Presidential election, the healthcare system, etc. But what we do know is that God does not want us to be fearful men but rather faithful disciples (Matthew 10 24-39). We must keep doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time come what may.

CompassCare’s Rochester operation over the last four years has helped to save an average of 7 babies per month. And five of CompassCare’s top ten months occurred this year (and the year is not even over yet) with June and July seeing 14 and 15 lives saved respectively! 

As you know CompassCare is always looking for ways to multiply our ability to erase the need for abortion. A few of the projects to which CompassCare will be devoted this year are:

1)      Open-sourcing our proven and highly effective service strategy to all pregnancy centers. Now that we are certain the system can reach and serve more abortion-minded women anywhere it is implemented we are going to give it to any center willing to use it. This is the pregnancy resource center equivalent to McDonald’s giving all hamburger joints their complete marketing and management model. Why? To reverse the national abortion trend that much faster.

God, Grant Us Wisdom and Courage

2)      Implementing the next phase of CompassCare’s marketing initiative by testing new, more aggressive messaging based on the three tensions women typically feel that drive them to get abortions: guilt over ending the baby’s life versus facing the shame of an unplanned pregnancy, my life as I know it versus the baby’s life, no life for the baby versus poor quality of life for the baby.

3)      Developing a community education program regarding what it will mean to be pro-life after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act Health and Human Services (HHS) mandates. The HHS mandates force all individuals to purchase health care covering abortion and abortion causing birth control (for all plans renewing after 8/1/12) in addition to forcing most Americans to directly pay into an abortion fund (starting 1/1/14) or suffer severe financial consequences. The HHS mandates if left unchanged means that we can no longer believe abortion is wrong and worse still it will be illegal for us NOT to support it.

To learn more about how you can be involved you can ‘like’ CompassCare Community on FaceBook or sign up for a CompassCare Tour by emailing Daniel Tomlinson at Or if you know you would like to contribute financially just click here.

Abortion and Homosexuality: What’s the Connection?

Alexander Hamilton said in Federalist Paper No. 1 that, “a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people . . .” If it’s not about a woman’s right to choose then what is abortion about? If it’s not about a homosexual’s right to marry then what is redefining marriage about? What exactly is that ‘dangerous ambition’ that Hamilton noted? It is the opposite of the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; death, despotism and tyranny over mind and body.

Legislators as Moral Authorities?

My good friend, having a conversation with his 30 year old lesbian niece, asked this question during a conversation about New York State’s redefinition of marriage that occurred at the end of the last legislative session: “Where do rights come from?” My friend’s niece believes rights come from, “the government.” Does it bring you comfort to think that a State government provides your rights? If that is the case then that same government can take those rights away – at any time. The U.S. Declaration of Independence states that men are, “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

A moral humanist (or rationalist) believes humanity does not need an external set of moral standards to keep people from trampling each other’s rights. They argue it behooves us to act fairly toward one another because of our obvious mutual need for peace and commercial prosperity. The notion that a godless utopia is an attainable goal has not only failed throughout history but has been the cause of the bloodiest of modern turmoil (i.e. Stalin’s Russia, Mao Tse Tung’s China, Hitler’s Germany, etc). In every case it is the belief that legislators, or in the cases mentioned above, a supreme Legislator knows best and sets the standard for what is right and wrong. To force upon a population legislation that declassifies as human a child in the womb, as did the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973, presumes that people who hold public office believe that rights are given by a State government and that the State is the highest moral authority and not God. And children die. Pitirim Sorokin noted that when categorical moral imperatives are eliminated it takes from man his “invisible armor that unconditionally protected him, his dignity, his sanctity, and his inviolability.” So if man is truly not made “a little lower than God” (Ps 8:5) and is simply a collection of biochemical reactions then why not abortion? Why not euthanasia? Why not human stem cell research? Why not physician assisted suicide? Why not homosexual marriage? Why not reduce medical ethics to mean “whatever the patient wants” or better yet “whatever the State deems suitable?” And people die.

Jeremiah 5:31 says, “. . . the priests rule on their own authority; And my people love it so! But what will you do at the end of it?” The logical end to this humanism, this godless rationalism is either chaos or tyranny. Chaos because right and wrong is in the eye of the beholder and tyranny because the government must enact tighter control on the population in order to maintain order in the face of increasing lawlessness. Only belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and an intentional life disciplined to live according to the Christian core values of devotion to God and sacrifice for others can give a person the ability to govern himself within first a family, second a community and finally a nation. These principles can only be taught to children in families with a female mother and a male father who also believes in the God whose character reflects those principles and Who will one day hold them accountable to them.

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy are a symptom of the moral aimlessness of our society. They are made to seriously consider abortion primarily because they are being coerced and pressured by self-interested others like friends, family, the father of the baby, and the consumerist expectations of an inhumane culture. The network of CompassCare’ centers serve thousands of women in this circumstance each year and we have found that women have abortions out of the fear of the unknown future. In medicine this reality reveals a coercive situation. To allow a patient to be coerced into any medical procedure, say nothing of ending the life of her child through abortion, is unconscionable.

CompassCare supports a woman’s true autonomy by ensuring complete information and support enough to give her a sense of empowerment to make the most difficult choice and have the baby.

Christian=Pro-Life? Walk It Out with CompassCare

To be a Christian is to be pro-life. Being pro-life is not a political position nor does it represent a niche passion of a select few one issue zealots. It is a position that represents the majority of Americans. The reason why Christians almost exclusively populate pro-life efforts is directly related to who we are. Being pro-life is not a movement but a state of being. To not actively speak and act on behalf of the voiceless and powerless is to misunderstand our helpless status as sinners before a holy God, thereby missing the point of how Jesus freed us and how then we ought to walk in His steps ever after.

When we speak of choice, believers in Jesus Christ have the best perspective knowing the ultimate (good and bad) results of free moral choice. One could say that everything after Genesis Chapter 3, when Adam chose to disobey God, is history—the history of God’s plan to bring the world back into right relationship with Him. Just as we were without rights, voice, and influence before God, He sent His son Jesus to leverage those things on our behalf to redeem our situation. And why? So that we can participate with Him in redeeming the world. True disciples of Jesus have no choice but to leverage their new found voice for the exploited women and the de-humanized babies in their wombs. Jesus talked about ‘the least of these.’ James spoke of the ‘orphan and the widow.’ The least of these are important to believers precisely because the ‘least of these’ used to be you and me. So for one to ignore the plight of the least of these means we remain one of them and dead in our trespasses and sins. I invite you to participate in CompassCare’s annual Vision Walk and Family Festival once again leveraging your influence for the most oppressed of all persons; women and their pre-born children. ‘Like’ CompassCare on Facebook and follow the Vision Walk event page there.

Every woman has a choice concerning the outcome of her pregnancy. But true choice only occurs when a woman feels like she has two or more paths available to her. Women ‘choosing’ abortion do so precisely because they feel like there is no other option. Empowerment rises only after a woman has 1) received all the information on the short and long term ramifications of abortion and 2) feels free to choose the more difficult of the options—having the baby.

Every year because of the efforts of walkers and sponsors just like you, CompassCare has accomplished amazing things. This year CompassCare needs to raise $333,000 to meet two goals: 1) reach and serve 20% of all the women seriously considering abortion in Rochester thereby putting significant financial strain on the abortion industry and 2) dramatically increase the effectiveness of CompassCare’s national network. I am asking 758 former pledge raising walkers to walk with me again this year. If we each raised just $439 we would reach the goal! Of all years this is the year to be a Walker! You can make a difference for eternity by empowering a woman at risk for abortion to have her baby.

So be sure to go to to start your own fund-raising page or to sponsor your walker as soon as possible. If you cannot be in Rochester on May 19th, you can register as a ‘ghost walker’ and still raise pledges for the mission. Together let’s walk in the footsteps of Jesus at the Vision Walk and Family Festival!

Why Walk? Women Rate CompassCare Services 9.8 Out of 10

Were it not for the passionate dedication of people like you who stand and Walk for Life CompassCare could not have accomplished all it has helping women at risk for abortion to have their babies. Thank you. Now is the time to walk on, to go further than we have ever gone in reversing the Rochester abortion trend. Without the courage of believers like you willing to risk the discomfort and potentially unpopular public support of this ministry, many more lives would have been forfeit on the altar of compromise, consumerism, or financial conflicts of interest from abortionists. It is my sincere hope that you feel a sense of pride not just in the services CompassCare provides to women at risk for abortion but also the manner in which those services are provided. According to patient exit surveys rating CompassCare’s service on a scale of 1-10 CompassCare’s average is 9.8 as we attempt to give ‘no cause for offense’ (2 Cor. 6:3a).

Go to to sponsor a walker or to become a pledge raising walker yourself working to erase the need for abortion one at-risk woman at a time.

You can also ‘like’ CompassCare on Facebook and be kept up to date on Vision Walk Event Page.

The Vision Walk will take place on Saturday May 19th at 9:00 A.M. at Monroe Community College’s Brighton Campus.

CompassCare Vision Walk and Family Festival-Why $333,000?

CompassCare’s recent outreach campaign has increased patient call volumes by 101% with twice as many women at risk for abortion choosing to have their babies over the same time frame last year! See new TV ads below.

Partner in an even deeper way with CompassCare during the 2012 Vision Walk and Family Festival.

Goal: Raise $333,000

Why? 1) Reach 20% of all women at risk for abortion in the Rochester Region

2)  Train other pregnancy centers to become just as effective as CompassCare!

Determining Abortion Risk

How can a medical pregnancy center determine the risk a woman has in getting an abortion? If a woman arrives for her appointment and she says, “I don’t want to get an abortion” is that enough NOT to consider her part of the population of pregnant women at risk for abortion? If a boy living in inner-city Chicago says, “I don’t want to be part of a gang,” or “I don’t want to do drugs” is that enough to convince us that he is not at risk for gang violence or drug abuse? There are a list of pressures and influences in that boy’s life that typically drive him to make decisions he would not in other circumstances choose for himself. Things like having no father, having friends that are involved in gangs, being in a school that is saturated with drug use, living in a neighborhood riddled with crime, etc.

Objecitvely Assess a Woman\’s Abortion Vulnerability

The same is true of women facing unplanned pregnancy. Not a sane woman alive actually ‘wants’ to have an abortion. So why are they having them? Circumstances and pressures that are common to most women who get an abortion present in her life. The question then becomes, “What are those pressures and how many of them does she have?” Often when a woman arrives for her initial appointment at a pregnancy center she has not had to face the mountain of pressure waiting for her when she leaves. This means that it is up to the pregnancy center to know and objectively understand the pressures unique to her life to accurately determine her vulnerability of having an abortion. At CompassCare we use a measurement tool that takes into consideration 7 primary risk factors that are typically found in the lives of women getting abortion. We call this an abortion-vulnerability rating scale.

The following can be used as a tool. The idea is to identify how many of the risk factors are present and then add them up and use the scale at the end to determine the rating. It takes all the guesswork out of it for the advocates and nurses.

Abortion Vulnerability Rating

Risk Factors

 Still in school (H.S./college/grad)

 Between 17 and 26 years old

 Father of baby in favor of abortion

 Parents in favor of abortion

 History of abortion

 Financial pressure

 Single

** Patient states intention to abort=(AM, regardless of other risk factors)

Total # of Pressures ____
Abortion Vulnerability Rating____
(Abortion Vulnerability Key: 0 = CTT, 1-3 = AV, 4-7 = AM)


For more information on CompassCare’s linear service model go to

Call for Standards and Accountability

CompassCare has been beating the drum of standards and accountability since 2005 when we copyrighted the first Linear Service Model for medical pregnancy centers ever. After seeing 2039 women at risk for abortion having their babies in 2010 in just 10 PRCs we have seen the value. Value not just in terms of being more effective with the mission of reaching women and helping them have their babies but value in terms of leadership confidence. We as executives know that we have the moral high ground and can be as bold as we need to be in order to safeguard the organizations we run. Whether we’re talking to a Senator about regulatory legislation, communicating to donors, responding to the media, or exposing abortionists for their immoral and fraudulent practices a linear service model frees us to lead with confidence. Since 2005 there have been many instances on both sides of the service coin (abortionists and pregnancy centers alike) where objective standards and documented evidence of accountability would have served the cause of women and children well. As this is being written there is legislation being considered in Washington State and New York that would regulate pregnancy centers. One of the key arguments from the abortion lobby is that Pregnancy Centers adhear to no set standard and therefore need to be governed. We all know that abortionists if regulated are not held accountable to those regulations as seen in the recent horror in PA and the Planned Parenthood clinic in NJ. See my comments on the latest revelations of abortionists on with Twitter (see right hand column below) and Facebook too.

As pregnancy centers we are uniquely suited to set the standard for women’s reproductive health in America. But we must first implement those standards in our own centers first. The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 11:30-32; “For this reason many among you are weak and sick, and a number sleep. But if we judged ourselves rightly, we would not be judged. But when we are judged, we are disciplined by the Lord so that we will not be condemned along with the world.” My concern is that many pregnancy centers are ‘weak and sick’ because of a lack of appropriate judgment (self-discipline) that only comes with delivering professional services (medical or counseling) in line with accepted industry standards. Government regulatory legislation is a judgment that will ultimately condemn the pro-life pregnancy care movement to the religion of secular humanism.

Linear Service Model=Continuous Improvement Part 2

Since we are committed to getting better at what we do we must be willing to do the hard work necessary to get and understand the right information about how our services are influencing our clients/patients in the first place. This is the value of a Linear Service Model. There are several elements required for an organization to begin to collect reliable information in order to make targeted changes to stay on the cutting edge of service. One of those things is an agreement on definition of terms. For example, it is not enough to agree  that an abortion-minded woman is someone who says she wants to have an abortion, or that a woman who is assessed as “Carry to Term” is one who says that she does not want an abortion. We must create a system of defining and assessing each woman used by each client advocate or nurse with each woman the same way. CompassCare’s system for doing just that is called the Abortion Vulnerability Rating Scale (AVRS).

Improving Your Service

Another necessity for organizations serious about continually improving is the standardization of services. This means that everyone from the people who answer the phones, to receptionists, to advocates, to nurses all perform their job the same way each time with little variation. The more variation in the way a task is performed the more difficult it becomes to assess what is not working and what to do to fix it. In some cases this requires scripts, sometimes training in the use of forms, sometimes a dress code but whatever is required disciplined thought always gives way to disciplined action, “What gets measures (disciplined thought), gets fixed (disciplined action).” If we as executives are disciplining ourselves and our organizations to improve it will almost always result in very specific actions that measurably improve on those things.

Another crucial element to measuring with an eye to improving is team work. A team that is committed to improving for the sake of the mission is a unified team. A team that does not know what they are trying to accomplish, will never know when they will arrive. This breads discontent, confusion, and mission drift. Clearly defining what you want to accomplish and what that means will provide focus to your staff and volunteers in a way that will empower them to do what is necessary to improve.

Above all, it is important to note that it is not the specific Linear Service Model that an organization uses that makes the difference. It is what the executive does to create a culture of continuous improvement that matters in the end. We are all of us on a journey and in many respects the journey is the destination. The days of believing that once we have added Ultrasound technology we will have arrived are over. Ultrasound technology is simply a tool. And those of us who have paved the way of developing and implementing a LSM understand that while the services offered by our PRCs are important the manner in which those services are provided are even more so.

CompassCare’s OT training program provides the only LSM with a customized web based patient database with a system to serve clients/patients that can be measured and changed. For more information go to

Update:  See Linear Service Model = Continuous Improvement, Part 1