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Obamacare, Abortion, and Your Choices

Obamacare creates a moral crisis for America and every Christian, not only forcing us to pay for the destruction of the most vulnerable human life, but making it illegal or difficult not to do so. Everyone will fall into one of the five decisions categories below either intentionally or unintentionally. CompassCare is committed to helping you make an informed and ethical health insurance decision. By January 1st, 2014 we all must choose between the following:

  1. Choose a plan through a state exchange where your premiums will directly pay for abortion. 
  2. Enroll in a plan in the traditional insurance market via your employer which will also likely pay for abortion or abortion-causing contraception.
  3. Become a ‘conscientious objector’ by opting out and not purchasing health insurance at all and pay financial penalties14 to the IRS, up to 2.5% of family income or $2,085 (whichever is greater) by year 2016 (‘Rendering unto Caesar…’ Mark 12:17).
  4.  Engage in ‘civil disobedience’ opting out AND refusing to pay the fine (‘Whether it is right in the sight of God to give heed to you…’ Acts 4:19). However, since the Supreme Court ruled the individual mandate constitutional, legal defense would be challenging.

Opt out and join a Christian cost-sharing community such as MediShare or Samaritan Ministries, membership in which would exempt you from any penalties.15

At the Heart of the Government Shutdown; Obamacare and Abortion

Jim HardenYou and I are being forced to make a choice. Obamacare brazenly mandates that all U.S. citizens purchase health insurance that directly pays for abortion and abortion-causing ‘birth control,’ or face stiff financial penalties. This violates the religious beliefs and moral convictions of millions of Americans. Curiously, Planned Parenthood (PP), the nation’s largest abortion provider, had a hand in developing these mandates and has been hired by the Federal Government to enroll members in the new State health care exchanges beginning October 1st. However, Obamacare is experiencing massive resistance and is currently in flux. The Senate is deliberating whether to delay funding for Obamacare till January 2015. If they vote to pass the Blackburn Amendment then the deadline for compliance will be postponed for one year. 

Twenty-three states have passed measures barring the use of health insurance premiums to directly fund surgical abortion, but there remain several problems even in those states:

  1. Most insurance companies do not have ‘pro-life’ plans.   Cuomo on Reproductive Health Act
  2. Since most plans cover abortion and due to the long-standing Hyde Amendment forbidding federal funding of abortion, an ‘abortion surcharge’ of at least $1 per month will be deducted from each employee paycheck under section 1303 of Obamacare.  
  3. All federally subsidized plans available in all 50 States will include abortion and abortion-causing contraception which will be paid for by tax dollars. 
  4. Every plan, including those that do not cover surgical abortion, treats abortion-causing ‘birth control’ as a separate issue from abortion. Even if you are fortunate enough to find and enroll in a plan that does not cover surgical abortion, it will cover abortion-causing contraception without co-pay or deductible. These ‘contraceptive’ methods include the Pill, IUDs, the morning after pill (Plan B), and the week after pill (Ella) – which are all proven to create inhospitable uterine environments making it difficult for the fertilized egg to implant in the uterine lining thereby ending a pregnancy (i.e. abortion). This does not even address the extreme cancer-causing nature of these drugs (see National Institute of Health Report and World Health Organization Report).

CompassCare’s policy on contraception stands in stark contrast to Planned Parenthood’s and the prevailing conventional wisdom. Given the government takeover of American medicine via Obamacare and the fact that forced contraception coverage creates a massive violation of religious liberty, we thought it timely to discuss CompassCare’s position. CompassCare educates all patients on all forms of contraception and how they work. However, CompassCare never provides or refers for contraception.

So why doesn’t CompassCare refer for or provide contraception, aside from the obvious carcinogenic and abortifacient nature of a majority of the methods? Doesn’t it reduce non-marital pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STD)? The simple answer is, “No.” Why? Because of a sociological phenomenon called “risk compensation.” Dr. Jokin de Irala, Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Navarre in Madrid, Spain, defines risk compensation as people increasing “risk-taking behaviors if they perceive themselves to be at less risk due to a technological preventive measure. The benefits of an intervention can be offset by this increase in risk taking” (video minute 12:30). Dr. de Irala goes on to site examples such as sunscreen use and increased skin cancer; seat belts and increased reckless driving. In regards to sexual activity, if students are told that condom use will protect them from pregnancy and STDs, they will likely increase the number of sexual partners and the frequency of sexual contact, thereby offsetting the potentially protective effects of the technology. Therefore pregnancy and STD rates go up with ‘safe sex’ campaigns because of increased risk-taking behaviors. It’s also important to note that condoms have been proven ineffective at avoiding HPV, Herpes, and Chlamydia (New England Journal of Medicine June 22, 2006 Vol 354, No 25 shows 100% condom use equals 38% HPV infection rate). 

According to the Guttmacher Institute 54% of all abortions were given to women who became pregnant during the same month they were using a contraceptive method. The percentage of unmarried births skyrocketed from 18% in 1980 to 41% by 2010, and STD rates are at epidemic levels despite the massive amounts of resources pouring into ‘safe sex’ education. Studies have demonstrated that the introduction of contraception has actually increased the incidence of pregnancy and STD rates as seen in Britain, the U.S., and other places, while rates decline dramatically when abstinence or fidelity is promoted as in Uganda.

Ignoring the facts, Obamacare and Planned Parenthood are committed to providing free, easily accessible abortion-causing ‘contraception’ under the guise of women’s health. Now they want you and me to pay for it through our health insurance premiums or face fines. You and I are being forced to make a choice.

Contraception, Obamacare, and Cuomo

While different forms of contraception have been used throughout history and in many different cultures, the term “birth control” was coined in America in the early 1900s by Margaret Sanger, foundress of the  the American Birth Control League (ABCL). “We who advocate Birth Control…lay all our emphasis upon stopping not only the reproduction of the unfit but upon stopping all reproduction…” –Margaret Sanger, “Birth Control and Racial Betterment” (Birth Control Review, Feb 1919, pg 11). The ABCL changed its name in 1939 to the Birth Control Federation of America and in 1942 changed it again to Planned Parenthood Federation, perhaps to disassociate themselves with the revelations of moral travesties committed by Nazi Eugenics policies .

Margaret SangerMargaret Sanger and many others in the 1920s and 30s promoted a “Malthusian” philosophy of population control, first introduced by economist Thomas Malthuse. Malthusians embraced the idea that humanity was quickly approaching a size which the earth could no longer sustain. Therefore birth control (among other more heinous practices such as forced sterilization and abortion) was deemed an appropriate solution.

The flawed concept of overpopulation in conjunction with Darwinian social engineering for a ‘cleaner race’ conspired to produce a political agenda that promoted the mass application of birth control and the undermining of the family unit. The early targets for efforts to slow the growth of the population were the “unfit” and “undesirables.” These were defined by Malthusians as immigrants, the poor, indigents, minorities, the ‘feebleminded,’ and went on to include violent criminals and girls who had lost their virginity.   

The roots of birth control in this country have a decidedly anti-family, anti-Christian origin. Margaret Sanger once said, “Birth control…is calculated to undermine the authority of Christian Churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity . . . .”

Fast Forward . . .

Obamacare was deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2011 and forces all individuals to carry health insurance coverage or be penalized. Obamacare mandates that all health insurance coverage include birth control and abortifacient contraceptives. This means that Christians and others who oppose the draconian worldview that gave rise to birth control and abortion in America will be forced to fund it, or suffer penalties via the Internal Revenue Service. In response to the overwhelming tide of First Amendment Violation lawsuits, the Obama administration provided a small window of accommodation set to expire January 1st, 2014 so that those who had moral objections could change their apparently flawed views and comply with the law as it is written. Americans United for Life in a recent analysis stated, “The Obamacare mandate forces countless family businesses, religious organizations, and other non-profits into a terrible set of choices:

1)       Violate deeply held belief by complying with the mandate

2)       Resist the mandate and face federal fines of up to $100 per employee per day

3)       Drop health insurance altogether, harming employees, and pay a roughly $2000 annual fine per employee for doing so (Obamacare clarification video).

Then Andrew Cuomo this past legislative session attempted to pass a bill called the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) that would have enshrined contraception and abortion as fundamental rights. The scary thing about a right is its eventual corollary, duty. This bill would have reduced the standard of care for women permitting non-doctors to perform surgical procedures as well as create an environment where not referring for contraception and abortion could be grounds for discrimination lawsuits. The bill was narrowly defeated thanks to your support.

Obamacare and Cuomo’s RHA have this in common: the promotion of Margaret Sanger’s ideology, which is both anti-family and anti-Christian, by making it illegal to practice a worldview that runs counter their own in your healthcare choices. This ideology undermines the family unit through the promotion of “sex without responsibility” and also subjugates future generations to the tyranny of immediate gratification. Sanger’s fundamental philosophy is still, sadly, very much alive today.

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Finishing 2012 Well

CompassCare’s 2012 was the most effective year yet, while America’s was arguably one of the worst. There is a certain emotional torment when torn by the honor of working with such a noble team of passionate, godly people at CompassCare while living in a country that calls evil good and good evil. The following are my personal reflections as I have observed both America’s moral trajectory as well as the Church’s response to it. If you find yourself becoming depressed read on it gets better. If you come to the end and find yourself depressed, read it again. So here goes:

Abortion is a symptom of a deep cultural problem that further deepened in 2012.  It was a year characterized by a secular attack on the traditional family through the redefinition of marriage to include same sex couples as well as an attempt to usurp parental rights through a barely defeated UN Treaty (Convention on the Rights of Children with Disabilities). It was a year that endured an onslaught against religious liberty via Obamacare which now permits the government to define what qualifies as a religious institution. In fact 2012 was the year that suffered the largest expansion of abortion access since Roe vs. Wade, by making you and I pay for abortion-causing contraception directly through our healthcare premiums. To top it off the Executive administration behind all the anti-Christian, anti-government-by-the-people havoc was given another four years by the narrowest of margins with only 26 States and 50.7% of the popular vote.

These past few weeks I have met with over 30 Pastors of some of the most influential churches in the Rochester, NY area. Inevitably we talk about Obamacare and religious liberty infringements imposed on people of conviction as well as the November election. Invariably they say they were not surprised by the outcome of the election and the Church’s lackluster response thus far to the Obamacare mandates forcing individual’s to pay for abortion-causing contraception. I have asked them two questions: 1) What do you think of the general spiritual condition of the Church in America? and 2) Are we prepared for the future?

Their answers reflect a stunning consensus. Before their answers are revealed, it is important to note these pastors virtually never communicate with each other and are godly men from very different traditions. In response to question number one I heard candid statements like, “The Church in America never really embraced Christianity,” and “Christians in America think of themselves as American first and Christian second,” and “The American Church has an Alka-Seltzer Jesus who we go to only to relieve our petty discomforts.” Strong words to be sure. But what about their answer to the second question, ‘Is the Church prepared for the future?’ Answer: A resounding, ‘No!’

Let me be clear, none of these pastors were despondent. Quite the contrary, they were full of sincere hope when they gave these dire descriptions. So when probed deeper about the nature of what’s in store for the Church that makes us unequal to the task, the solution to our collective weakness was simultaneously revealed: We are not fit for the coming hardship because we are unaccustomed to suffering for our beliefs. After all, this is America and it is no coincidence that a nation founded on religious liberty also became history’s most prosperous country. So what made us great as a nation perhaps made us weak as a Church. “And how do we return to faithful fitness for so great a task as real sacrifice?” I would ask. “Through persecution, Jim. The church will be forced to make a choice to either suffer for the gospel or give in. But the faithful will remain and God will be glorified.”

In Paul’s second letter to his son in the faith Timothy he says, “. . . join with me in suffering for the gospel according to the power of God” (2 Timothy 1:8b). From this statement we can presume at least two things: a) Timothy was not currently suffering for the sake of the gospel and b) Suffering for the gospel is a choice we all have to make. Paul goes on to say in verse 3:12, “Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” So it seems that our decision to suffer for the gospel is directly proportionate to our commitment to live a godly life.

Bonhoeffer 1932

You may be wondering at this point what abortion and the pro-life position have to do with persecution for the gospel. In his memoir about the theologian and anti-Nazi activist Dietrich Bonhoeffer, G. Leibholz said, “Bonhoeffer was firmly and rightly convinced that it is not only a Christian right but a Christian duty towards God to oppose tyranny, that is, a government which is no longer based on natural law and the law of God.” It was after all Jesus Who taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Why is abortion and government policy related to the gospel? Abortion reflects the rejection of natural law and the law of God. Abortion reflects the imposition of a purely materialistic and secular, anti-God ethic, forcing the idea that human life has no meaning or higher purpose than to experience as much physical pleasure and as little pain as possible. And now through Obamacare the government forces people of faith to act in ways that are counter to their belief by paying for abortion directly out of their health insurance premiums.

This situation will test a true Christian’s mettle. Will we continue to justify abortion as rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s or will we

now render unto God what is God’s and stand against this tyranny by standing for life here and now? Jesus made a way for our salvation but it requires our death. It cost Him everything. He asks us now to do the same for others. Give Him everything this year, Christian. Suffer for the gospel.

Your Health Insurance Premiums Now Directly Pay for Abortion

Forced to Pay for Abortion

If you have health insurance in New York, you are paying for abortion. All health insurance plans renewed in New York State as of August 2012 will directly cover abortion-causing contraception, for ‘FREE’.  This means if you are enrolled in a traditional health insurance plan, a percentage of your dollars is going straight toward funding abortion. Click HERE for CompassCare’s FACT SHEET.

If you are an individual of deep moral conviction, you cannot opt out. If you run a business with more than fifty full-time employees, you cannot opt out. If you are a faith-based non-profit whose mission is to ‘erase the need for abortion,’ you cannot opt out. The only two entities that can opt out of these mandates are States and ‘religious institutions,’ now narrowly defined by a secular federal government. For background information on the impact of these HHS mandates (click here) and to listen to a comprehensive Biblical perspective on abortion click here.

There are times in the journey of every Christian life that require sacrifice in order to live consistently with our faith. These decisions force us to live in ways that are not just different but counter to the very culture in which we live. These times are rare and if the right decisions are made could prove to be great opportunities to grow our faith and expand God’s Kingdom. I believe Obamacare is giving every American Christian just such an opportunity. Allow me to explain.

The moral dilemma for every Christian in New York and elsewhere is this:  Pay for abortion directly through your insurance premiums or go without healthcare

What is man?

Count the Cost

insurance. Obamacare does not say we can’t believe abortion is wrong. What it does say is that we have no right to live out our faith in practical ways that differ from a secular moral agenda. It looks as though we must choose between our physical health and our spiritual health. And what will the people of God do? This letter is a result of many weeks of inquiry and debate at CompassCare and represents our conclusions.

The ONLY option we can find that would allow us to exercise our right of conscience and NOT pay for abortion is to join a Christian medical cost-sharing ministry like Samaritan Ministries or Medi-Share for example. These programs are not technically health insurance and so are not susceptible to the egregious abortion mandates. But it will require sacrifice as neither covers pre-existing conditions. To offset those costs CompassCare decided to set up a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) from which employees can draw for those ongoing issues.

CompassCare believes that if we do not draw the line here with our reputations, well-being, and fortunes on behalf of the pre-born we, in our infernal pragmatism, would come to understand too late that ‘friendship with the world is enmity with God’ (James 4:4). CompassCare has chosen to stand in faith because we cannot fathom the thought of real human beings dying just so we can retain the benefit of our own personal health insurance.

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Think with me for a minute: 5% of the population of Monroe County, or about 50,000 people, regularly attend an evangelical church. And the average family’s health insurance premium is $700 per month or approximately $8400 per year. The expense of cost-sharing ministries is about half of traditional high deductible plans at about $350/month for a family. If just 10% of the evangelical church-goers opted out of traditional insurance that would free up $42 million PER YEAR! Half of that money would go directly to cost-sharing with other Christians and the other $21 million could go to church medical benevolent funds to cover the pre-existing conditions of the church membership.

This decision to opt out of traditional health insurance would require two things of us: 1) Trusting our souls to a faithful Creator (1 Peter 4:19) and 2) A strong

commitment to, “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). But then what is our faith for if not for adversity? Let us bear one another’s burdens both in word and now in deed ‘[considering] this momentary light affliction’ (2 Corinthians 4:17) ‘all joy’ (James 1:2). May we all count the cost (Luke 14: 28) and answer the call to, “. . . ‘come out from their midst and be separate,’ says the Lord and ‘do not touch what is unclean; and I will welcome you.’” (2 Corinthians 6:17).

Your Health Insurance Pays for Abortion–Just the Facts

The following is a consolidated summary of the primary points of which Christians should be aware concerning how the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act (PPACA), also known as Obamacare. The PPACA and the Health and Human Services mandates, with a particular focus on concerns regarding health insurance coverage of abortion-causing drugs and devices, now immediately impact you.  

A.  Health Insurance plans nationwide are now mandated to cover all FDA-approved contraceptives. Some of these actually cause abortion. These mandates took effect on August 1, 2012; for some narrowly defined religious institutions (see #2), the effective date was delayed until August 1, 2013.

“The HHS mandate requires coverage of ‘all FDA-approved contraceptive methods.’ HHS claims in a fact sheet that the mandate does ‘not include abortifacient drugs.’[1] However, the regulation itself, which takes precedence over any governmental ‘fact sheet,’ contains no such exclusion. Moreover, studies show that at least one drug approved by the FDA for ‘contraceptive use,’ a close analogue to the abortion drug RU-486 (mifepristone), can cause an abortion when taken to avoid pregnancy.[2][3]

B.  In the rulemaking process following the passage of the PPACA the administration has defined what it means to be a religious organization. Only organizations meeting all four of the following criteria are exempt from paying for insurance plans which cover abortion-causing contraceptives:

1) Has the inculcation of religious values as its purpose;

2) Primarily employs persons who share its religious tenets;

3) Primarily serves persons who share its religious tenets; and

4) Is a non-profit organization under section 6033(a)(1) and section 6033(a)(3)(A)(i) or (iii) of the Code.[4]

CompassCare—and any faith-based organization serving or evangelizing non-members—fails to meet this criteria.

C.  Even organizations which meet the above criteria for religious exemption will not actually be able to avoid paying for abortion-causing contraception, because the so-called “accommodation”[5] made by the administration simply requires the insurance companies to provide coverage, rather than the employer. But where will the insurance companies get the money to cover abortion? From their customers monthly premiums.

D.  As of 2014, the “Individual mandate” takes effect, which requires all individuals who are not covered under private insurance to purchase health insurance through a state exchange. Any participant in a state health insurance exchange which covers elective abortions will pay at least $1/month directly from their paycheck into a fund to be used only for elective abortions of all types.[6]

E.  There are currently 40 lawsuits involving over 110 plaintiffs filed in opposition to the HHS mandates.[7]



[2] The drug in question is ulipristal (HRP 2000, or Ella). See A. Tarantal, et al., “Effects of Two Antiprogestins on Early Pregnancy in the Long-Tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis),” 54 Contraception 107-115 (1996), at 114 (“studies with mifepristone and HRP 2000 have shown both antiprogestins to have roughly comparable activity in terminating pregnancy when administered during the early stages of gestation”); G. Bernagiano & H. von Hertzen, “Towards more effective emergency contraception?”, 375 The Lancet 527-28 (Feb. 13, 2010), at 527 (“Ulipristal has similar biological effects to mifepristone, the antiprogestin used in medical abortion”).

[3] United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. “Re: Interim Final Rules on Preventive Services File Code CMS-9992-IFC2” August 31, 2011. Available from:

The One Thing a U.S. President Can’t Do

During a routine physical exam a man walks into his doctor’s office and says, “I am 50 years old and I’m getting eight hours of rest every night. My blood pressure is 120/80. I am trim

How does a healthy society look?

and energetic and I have a generally good outlook on life.” Horrified the doctor responds, “Start burning the candle at both ends, increase your sodium intake, decrease your level of exercise, and start watching the daily news.” “What?! But that kind of lifestyle does not sound like it will keep me healthy,” responds the perplexed patient. “Healthy? Who are you to define what health is?” demands the physician.

Ridiculous scenario, right? But this is exactly the kind of insanity that has been playing out in American society over the last several decades and now coming to a head with the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as well as the recent presidential election cycle.

Happily all doctors and patients can agree what physical health looks like and what sickness means for an individual. But we are divided on how a healthy society behaves and cannot agree about how a sick society looks. Interestingly the debates around repealing the PPACA are all nibbling at the edges of this important question of where the good of society meets the good of the individual.

As you know the U.S. Federal government has usurped control of the medical sector through the PPACA, swamping society with thousands of pages of legislation filled with vagary most legislators never bothered to read. Fear not, we will all continue to hear many more words about the PPACA as this election cycle winds up. But will they be the ‘right words,’ born from the right ideas? The passage of the PPACA occurred because legislators thought something was terribly wrong with, at least, the medical portion of society.  In passing the law they mistakenly presumed that everyone understood and agreed on a common view of how a good society should look, without ever clarifying their vision.

There was a time when most Americans had the same idea of how a good society should look and what a good man was within that society. And politics was simple, a matter of serving the shared sense of the greater good. Now to serve the greater good means appeasing the richest, most powerful constituency able to get you reelected. If that means redefining marriage to include homosexuals, so be it. If it means ignoring the infanticide that is abortion, then that’s just fine. What’s worse about this state of affairs is that, for example, the debate about abortion can never be resolved because the reasons people have for being either pro-life or pro-abortion are usually based on emotional choices without a clear and compelling rationale, drawn from a shared conception of the purpose of a human and the common good of society. All we have are appeals to emotion like, “It’s a woman’s body,” or “Thank God your mother was pro-life,” ad nauseam. So we have unresolvable concerns expressed only in protest and counter-protest constantly trying to reveal the obvious evil ploys of the opponent. We have conventions complete with the unceasing emotional banter cloaked in logical terms spoken by the elitist ruling bureaucrats in suits with the compulsory, yet somehow patriotic, red or blue tie. And the bemused and bewitched watch from their recliners as the flickering box sparkles in their wide eyes and exclaim, “Oh, how exciting! We’ve had enough! Yes, we can!” Yet for many, a harvest moon is beginning to dawn revealing the haunting reality that government does not have the power to restore society to health.

America, like government and now medicine, is close to losing her soul. We must return and remember what a good society is. We must resurrect a common understanding that the ultimate purpose of a human is to glorify God by living a life consistent with His character. Society must be reborn into an ancient way of thinking, finding meaning in the context of belief through the authority of the Judeo-Christian God.

CompassCare resists the advancement of this modern pluralistic insanity by holding to the truth that women and their pre-born children have a purpose in the Divine Will. Our place is to facilitate the vision of that purpose. Together we renew hope and desire for men and women to learn and embrace healthy ways of viewing children and parenthood amidst the materialistic fog and social darkness that isolates the individual, knowing that good community is only born out of the common everyday lives of godly people.

If you would like be involved through: 1) prayer contact CompassCare’s administrative office at 585-232-3894, 2) volunteer activities email, or 3) investment opportunities donate online.

ObamaCare Forces You to Directly Pay for Abortion

Forced Compliance Vs. Rights of Conscience

According to an analysis by both Americans United for Life and the Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund) the new ‘Affordable Care Act’ also known as ObamaCare forces all Americans not only to purchase insurance that pays for abortion and abortion-causing birth control but even worse forces each plan member to pay a fee directly from your paycheck for what is called the ‘Abortion Premium Mandate.’ This fee goes into effect with all plans that renew after August 1st, 2012 (just a few days away). This fee will go directly to a fund that covers the cost of all elective abortion (enough to fund 2 million abortions per year over the current 1.2 million actually occurring in the U.S. annually). Refusal to participate incurs steep financial penalties for both employers and individuals.

To read the full analysis by the Alliance Defending Freedom click here: ObamaCare-and-its-Mandates

Americans United for Life is encouraging people to support a piece of legislation called “Respect for Rights of Conscience Act” (HR 1179, S 1467) which would not allow the government to coerce an individual to violate his/her moral or religious conscience by forcing them to pay for abortion or abortion-causing contraception. Click here for more information.

Supreme Court’s Health Care Decision Will Change the Way You Live

Many are asking how the Supreme Court decision announced yesterday June 28th, 2012 upholding the constitutionality of the health care reform act impacts Christians, churches, and pro-life organizations like pregnancy centers. A new religious fanaticism has been born and it is American State government. The following is a list demonstrating how the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” is not about healthcare reform but a change in the fundamental philosophy of American government.

-Obamacare compels all Americans to purchase health care

-Obamacare forces all health care plans to pay for sterilization, contraception, and abortion

-Obamacare permits only limited opt out parameters for religious institutions

-Obamacare defines what qualifies as a religious institution

-Obamacare presumes to determine applicable religious belief for individuals which makes the State the final religious and civil authority.

-Obamacare, now ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, signals a fundamental shift in the philosophy of American Government from that of ‘government by the consent of the governed’ to ‘State over the individual.’

G.K. Chesterton said, “Government has become ungovernable; that is, it cannot leave off governing. Law has become lawless; that is it cannot see where laws should stop. The chief feature of our time is the meekness of the mob and the madness of government.”

However, this letter is not primarily about abortion or contraception or even Obamacare. This is about the future of modern western civilization. What we choose to do here in our time will determine whether a free democratic nation will revive or diminish into a democratic despotism.

Religion is the term used to define ultimate authority. Traditionally religion is the term we use to define those fundamental ideas that provide people with ultimate purpose. Those ideas force the human soul out of its habits of pleasure seeking to think of a higher purpose external to himself, aspiring to a Higher Being whose nature and laws apply to all mankind–equally. These notions of God and how then one should act in light of Him create a context for self-discipline, voluntary self-denial and even sacrifice for a greater good not owing to an all-powerful human being, or set of human beings called a legislature, not even owing to an all-powerful notion of “the majority.”

What has happened in America is that the traditional concept of spiritual religion has been tacitly rejected by government, education, and medicine and replaced with a material one, a religion of the State. This new religion has priests they call scientists and a prophet they call the ‘will of the people.’ The false notion of the separation of the sacred Church and secular State can only serve to create an official Church of State.  This process of creating a religion out of a scientific materialism is buoyed by modern democracy’s singular devotion to that final radical equality of every man’s morality. For when all men are their own moral authority, virtue dies and everyone simply does what is ‘right in his own eyes.’ An exponential increase in lawlessness then occurs to which government responds with more laws and ever tightening control; all to the hearty applause of an apathetic, comfort seeking people who in the end experience an orderly and peaceful brand of slavery.

Only a common and higher belief regarding the nature and purpose of mankind made in the very image of God can afford us a set of moral imperatives driving the virtuous behavior and actions of men and society. It is only that commonly held religious belief in God that creates those necessary and invisible protections afforded every person, for which all men are responsible to secure for each other; life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Centralized government is not only ill-equipped to secure those things but finds its survival requires their severe limitation.

What Obamacare represents is a centralized government attempting to secure for itself power and ownership over all peoples. Obamacare represents a usurpation of the role of God under the guise of a father-like benefactor for all the State’s children. Obamacare and the Health and Human Service (HHS) mandates that come along with it represent the last act of a sovereign people yielding to administrative despotism.

Stunningly, the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional signaling the willingness of the judiciary to approve of this fundamental shift in the philosophy of American government. Be warned. Even if Obamacare is overturned legislatively we have only a little more time. Lest you be tempted to think the issue is partisan let me assure you the Republicans have not a better plan only a slower one on the road to an American servile State controlled by either rich conservatives or  insane progressives.

What is needed is a return to the Christianity of our forefathers lest we mirror the tactics of Mao Tse Tung. What is required is a reawakening of the old religion of our great, great, grandparents lest we cease our struggle with Stalinism. What is absolutely essential is a revival of faith born at the foot of the cross of Jesus Christ the emancipator; a renewal of life informed by the Word of truth who alone can set us free from the sin which so easily entangles us. Set free to pursue our true destinies.

Without this reorientation to a vigorous theology our anthropology can be nothing higher than a pleasure seeking, pain reducing, animalistic utility. Without this return to true religion healers become killers, legislators become tyrants, educators become purveyors of sexual perversions, churches become cults of personality, women become men, men become predators, marriage is redefined, whole classes of people are dehumanized, and children become agents of parental self-actualization. Meanwhile the whole nation is kept in perpetual childhood by an omnipotent and omnipresent State, preventing the birth of the future, hindering, restraining, and stultifying all industry, all innovation. And family, where the core values of religious belief are nourished in order to secure a free and stable society, is sacrificed on the altar of the secular State.

So let us be clear, true religion securing true freedom requires the following basic beliefs:

1. All of humanity has fallen into the darkness of sin

2. Without Divine intervention we tend only toward greater inhumanity

3. Jesus Christ is that divine intervention, becoming sin on our behalf and then nailed it to the cross thereby satisfying the wrath of God’s judgment

4. Jesus rose from the dead having defeated sin and death, opening the door of eternal life to those of faith

5. Those who acknowledge their sin and turn from their wickedness, making Christ their King, can become the very righteousness of God and live truly free, freely protecting others from every sort of tyranny

Only one who has been released from the chains of sin is truly free. It is only the believer in Jesus Christ who experiences this freedom and therefore uniquely understands what freedom and free society is. This understanding comes first through faith in God and not government, while he who is faithless is fated to government’s chains. Believers alone are the ones who will always seek to secure the protection and dignity of all people from conception to natural death especially the most vulnerable of society. For it is the true Christian who uniquely understands moral bankruptcy, vulnerability, voicelessness, powerlessness, and the weakness to which many classes of humans are subjected under this gentle barbarism called the Affordable Care Act. For a true Christian recognized his lack of standing and rights as a sinner before a just and holy God. This God also is the One who sent His Son pouring out his riches and rights on our behalf thereby empowering us to do the same for others. Only the Christian and Christian society can make the weak strong and the poor rich by democratizing the royalty of Deity to the soul of any man who would accept it.

Let us recall Chesterton’s words, “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” So be courageous, Christian, destroying the young tyrannies, giving up our lives that we might find them, taking up our cross, dying to ourselves and defying this despotism through faith in the one true God. As Jesus says in Mark 8:35 “For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel’s will save it.”

Forced Contraception Reveals Obamacare Not Really About Healthcare Reform

Proverbs 23:10 says, “Do not move the ancient boundary or go into the fields of the fatherless.” Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Obama Administration, Healthcare Reform, Forced Contraception, Religious Liberty: What do all these words have in common? The inevitable social cost of abortion. So what exactly does abortion cost? The obvious answer is that it costs a woman on average $600. But what lies beneath the popular debate is much more insidious.

 We know abortion also costs a woman her health. Breast cancer incidences have increased 40% since 1973, the year preborn children were deemed nonhuman and abortion became acceptable. 52 of 68 epidemiological studies show abortion as an independent risk factor for breast cancer.1 Planned Parenthood’s marketing ploy of sex without consequence creates an expectation for the use of contraceptive devices and steroidal ‘hormone therapies.’ Women using oral contraceptives have been found to have a 2.5X increased risk of triple negative breast cancer (the worst kind).2 In fact the World Health Organization lists the estrogen/progesterone ‘hormonal’ contraception as a Group 1 carcinogen in the same category as plutonium.3 Not to mention the fact that oral contraceptives can and do cause abortion, often without a woman ever knowing it. It is clear that abortion and oral contraceptives are major predictors if not direct contributors to the breast cancer epidemic. And then there is the well known and longstanding knowledge that abortion increases the risk of future pre-term deliveries and complications of ‘wanted’ pregnancies by 300-500%.4 Abortion causes a condition called ‘incompetent cervix’ whereby damage is done by forcing the cervix open weakening the ability of the cervix to retain future pregnancies to full term. Thank you March of Dimes for all your help in raising awareness around and prevention of pre-term deliveries but why haven’t you said anything about abortion?

Barak Obama through what I am sure is a well meaning albeit misguided utopian ideology is enacting healthcare reform demanding that religious institutions violate their beliefs and provide all employees with access to these cancer and abortion causing contraceptives or else incur steep penalties they cannot afford. But lest we fail to think the Obama administration is interested in protecting constitutional religious liberty he gave ‘religious institutions’ (by his definition not theirs) an additional year to change their beliefs.5

Let us be clear: Healthcare reform has never been about healthcare. The issue over mandated abortifacient contraception illustrates this. It is about something deeper. It is about creating a State where all men are not just ‘created’ equal rather they are ‘evolved’ to be the same. It is about legislators and political representatives believing that they know better how a man ought to believe and behave. When a government mandates morality, when it usurps control over medicine it becomes the dictator of the masses and the owner of the individual. Mass ‘equality’ results only in mass dehumanization (see the People’s Republic of China). The sweeping enactment of healthcare embodies a fundamental yet unstated presupposition; that individual human beings are evolutionary by-products to be managed. America’s constitution, our medical community, our universities, our seminaries were all based on the premise that humanity is made in the image of God. Therefore all individuals from conception to natural death are inviolable, deserving of the highest respect, afforded the most comprehensive protection, an end in and of themselves and able to attain to the noblest of virtues, needing no external system of government to control belief or behavior. G.K. Chesterton once said, “God forbid the day ever come when people don’t commit murder because it is against the law.” Why? Because it signals a culture embracing relativism and the insanity of political correctness.

We are losing our nation because certain educators and legislators, theologians and medical providers attained the pinnacle of arrogance deciding to sacrifice what made America unique, our shared beliefs in God and its impact on our behavior toward each other, in favor of an evolutionary ‘equality’ a.k.a. godless utopia. This makes every man his own god and thereby all things permissible. A general lethargy of compassion begins to seep into culture as a generation of predators is raised to pursue their own pleasure. It is at this point when government is compelled to step in to control the inevitable social chaos enacting more legislation, ‘regulating’ entire sectors of society. The primary relationship all individuals now have is not with their God or with their spouse and children but rather with one’s government. So of course the government can impose its transient morality on you and me because there can be no one higher or stronger of any real consequence to a man’s thoughts and actions for we are ‘enlightened.’

So what does abortion cost? It costs us our God, our family, our country, our conscience, our future. And whose fault is it? Not really the abortionists. Not even the venal cowards who call themselves ‘public servants.’ It’s us. As the journalist Edward Murrow once said, “We have currently a built-in allergy to unpleasant or disturbing information. Our mass media reflect this.” Like ashes from the furnaces of Auschwitz the ramifications of abortion are landing on the rooftops of our moral house of cards. Years from now, preserved as keystrokes on a smart phone or digital pictures on SD cards, we will see escapist chatter, cute pictures of America’s 1.9 children born to consumers married only to personal pleasure, irresponsible wards of the state mistaking meaningless political clichés for substance; hope and change, hope and change. What will be the legacy of a culture complicit in this dehumanization of the preborn child? We must sacrifice now like never before lest what we do today be too little too late and we all are treated like babies before the abortionist’s knife.