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Death by Freedom and the Presidential Elections

What is freedom? It has been America’s clarion call to the globe. But within our modern notion of freedom lie sprouting the seeds of its own destruction—the temptation to construe liberty as license.

America peers longingly after fleeting dreams of freedom, wondering if someone, a politician maybe, will recapture its famed beauty. What is it about the Presidential elections that get 59 million people to watch debates that in previous elections only drew a fraction of that? Perhaps a lament of what once was, what we may yet realize again. . . a man to lead us back, to take up the arduous labor that is liberty’s duty. Is Obama America’s Cyrus to march us through the challenges facing democracy or is Romney our long awaited Cromwell who will restore the consent of the governed to its rightful place? Can any political leader, no matter how great, lead us back to America’s birthright, away from the horrifying similarities of the conservative individual, permissive liberal and cloistered libertarian?

America’s modern notion of freedom is simply license, the absence of restraint—to do what I want, when I want.

Whatever America’s freedom was we are now confronted on all sides with the crisis that living a fictitious freedom has created. And no elected official can save us from ourselves. This license has leached into education through secularization and deviant sex education, ‘freeing’ children with the idea that they are nothing more than animals and should act like it. It has coerced church leaders to sit in a passive corner of society, falsely threatening their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status lest they freely teach, rebuke and exhort a godless culture to repent. It has poured itself into politics pandering new legislation to the rich and powerful, releasing a new and unnatural morality, even going as far as to dehumanize babies in the womb so that their inconvenient lives can be destroyed. This license has marched its way into medicine with its perverted notion of absolute patient autonomy (a.k.a. free choice) ignoring all other key medical concepts such as ‘do no harm.’ This feigned freedom has seeped its way into the economy in both the acidity of conservative individualism as well as bloated liberalism’s abuse of centralized government, redefining traditional social relationships between a husband and wife, a parent and child, a doctor and patient, and a teacher and student.

The only way this weedy notion of freedom could have taken root is for most Americans to collectively embrace the same belief: Pluralism. Pluralism is the idea that any belief or set of beliefs held by anyone is just as valid as any other belief. This changes liberty’s meaning to—living a good life however I define it. This type of ‘freedom’ is chaos. If this freedom is not stopped then more people will die. They will not die for freedom, as an unalienable part of humanity but by the hand of those who wield it, invoking the eerie words, “It’s my right,” or “It’s for the good of the people.”

To put it another way, true liberty requires the death of fictional freedom because true liberty requires self-effacement; a kind of self-discipline born out of a belief in a higher authority to which we all must submit. This is a denial of the way freedom is currently defined. Modern freedom cannot coexist with true liberty. If we fail to revive liberty with a shared belief in Jesus Christ, which acknowledges the depravity of natural human license, then we will find ourselves all too soon in the fiery chasm of tyranny, the unavoidable result of our pluralism.

Liberty is the ability of a man to realize God’s ultimate good purpose for him without external constraint and the ability of society to provide a place where good men can flourish together. If humanity is made in the image and likeness of God then thinking and acting in ways that are consistent with His character is the ultimate good for a man. Sin is basically selfish license, which enslaves and hinders us from that good end. The cross of Christ liberates us from that fictional freedom, giving us self-restraint as a tool on our journey to Christ-like liberty.

Liberty then could be defined as freedom from the debasing, dehumanizing, animalistic instincts of the ‘whatever-I-want-or-believe’ mentality. Christ frees us from the chaos of selfish pluralism which is a cancer to all free civilization. And where pluralism runs rampant in law, education, politics, ministry, and medicine it tramples the humanity of the voiceless, powerless, and disenfranchised—like babies in the womb. Then those stalwarts of true liberty will stand between them and that deadly pluralism as did Jesus on behalf of sinners. For it is the duty of all men who call themselves faithful disciples, to freely sacrifice their lives and good fortune on behalf of those who will otherwise die without a redeemer.

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The One Thing a U.S. President Can’t Do

During a routine physical exam a man walks into his doctor’s office and says, “I am 50 years old and I’m getting eight hours of rest every night. My blood pressure is 120/80. I am trim

How does a healthy society look?

and energetic and I have a generally good outlook on life.” Horrified the doctor responds, “Start burning the candle at both ends, increase your sodium intake, decrease your level of exercise, and start watching the daily news.” “What?! But that kind of lifestyle does not sound like it will keep me healthy,” responds the perplexed patient. “Healthy? Who are you to define what health is?” demands the physician.

Ridiculous scenario, right? But this is exactly the kind of insanity that has been playing out in American society over the last several decades and now coming to a head with the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) as well as the recent presidential election cycle.

Happily all doctors and patients can agree what physical health looks like and what sickness means for an individual. But we are divided on how a healthy society behaves and cannot agree about how a sick society looks. Interestingly the debates around repealing the PPACA are all nibbling at the edges of this important question of where the good of society meets the good of the individual.

As you know the U.S. Federal government has usurped control of the medical sector through the PPACA, swamping society with thousands of pages of legislation filled with vagary most legislators never bothered to read. Fear not, we will all continue to hear many more words about the PPACA as this election cycle winds up. But will they be the ‘right words,’ born from the right ideas? The passage of the PPACA occurred because legislators thought something was terribly wrong with, at least, the medical portion of society.  In passing the law they mistakenly presumed that everyone understood and agreed on a common view of how a good society should look, without ever clarifying their vision.

There was a time when most Americans had the same idea of how a good society should look and what a good man was within that society. And politics was simple, a matter of serving the shared sense of the greater good. Now to serve the greater good means appeasing the richest, most powerful constituency able to get you reelected. If that means redefining marriage to include homosexuals, so be it. If it means ignoring the infanticide that is abortion, then that’s just fine. What’s worse about this state of affairs is that, for example, the debate about abortion can never be resolved because the reasons people have for being either pro-life or pro-abortion are usually based on emotional choices without a clear and compelling rationale, drawn from a shared conception of the purpose of a human and the common good of society. All we have are appeals to emotion like, “It’s a woman’s body,” or “Thank God your mother was pro-life,” ad nauseam. So we have unresolvable concerns expressed only in protest and counter-protest constantly trying to reveal the obvious evil ploys of the opponent. We have conventions complete with the unceasing emotional banter cloaked in logical terms spoken by the elitist ruling bureaucrats in suits with the compulsory, yet somehow patriotic, red or blue tie. And the bemused and bewitched watch from their recliners as the flickering box sparkles in their wide eyes and exclaim, “Oh, how exciting! We’ve had enough! Yes, we can!” Yet for many, a harvest moon is beginning to dawn revealing the haunting reality that government does not have the power to restore society to health.

America, like government and now medicine, is close to losing her soul. We must return and remember what a good society is. We must resurrect a common understanding that the ultimate purpose of a human is to glorify God by living a life consistent with His character. Society must be reborn into an ancient way of thinking, finding meaning in the context of belief through the authority of the Judeo-Christian God.

CompassCare resists the advancement of this modern pluralistic insanity by holding to the truth that women and their pre-born children have a purpose in the Divine Will. Our place is to facilitate the vision of that purpose. Together we renew hope and desire for men and women to learn and embrace healthy ways of viewing children and parenthood amidst the materialistic fog and social darkness that isolates the individual, knowing that good community is only born out of the common everyday lives of godly people.

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